Big plans for Florida LPFM


The Marconi Broadcasting Foundation is paying $10K for an LPFM station in the Florida interior, and used the FCC application to detail an ambitious set of programming plans that includes the use of foreign languages, classic radio programming and even some current syndicated fare.

The station is WORJ-LP, licensed to Weirsdale FL, a community located to the southeast of Ocala. The 100 W station broadcasts on 104.5 MHz, and although the FCC lists the antenna HAAT, with unusual precision, at 24.949759 meters, we’ll be content to round it out to 82 feet.

The seller is Weirsdale Women in Broadcasting Association, headed by Cathy R. Boyd. Marconi, headed by Michael Cardillo, has already deposited $2K toward purchase of the station and will pay the rest in cash at closing.

Marconi says it will attempt to serve a “demographic of the population that is not commonly serviced by broadcasters or educational institutions on a full-time basis because neither schools or broadcasters consider this an attractive demographic.” Marconi is referring to those aged 55 and up.

English programming will be supplemented by offerings in other languages commonly used in the area. It will include old-time radio soap operas, religious programming, and “programs that deal with the specifics of marriage, alcohol abuse, senior finance, and aging in general…” Seniors will also be able to take classes in broadcasting and learn to produce their own programs. There will also be news and public affairs programming, some of which will seek to teach younger demographics about “all aspects of senior life.”

Among the syndicated programs coming in are offerings from Dave Ramsesy and Focus on the Family.