Big Q3 for network radio has a lot to do with TV


With all of the great news this week with the RAB breaking the news about network radio having a great Q3 (12/4/07 RBR #235), we’ve been hearing much of the reason is problems with primetime Television ratings and inventory. Right now, network television and cable are not only completely sold out, but they’ve also had shortfalls and have been unable to provide makegoods to the advertisers that have had shortfalls. They just don’t have enough inventory. So network radio has been the beneficiary of that—much more than network radio taking national spot dollars from radio, which has never really been the case.
Also, the WGA strike is looking more and more like a beneficiary to network radio. Advertisers are more and more concerned with paying full rate for inventory that’s going to be reruns, with lower numbers. So Q4 and Q1 for network radio might be pleasant quarters as well.