BIM launches mobile apps for local TV stations


Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), whose web, video, and mobile publishing tools help increase client revenues by attracting more traffic and improving ad delivery, has launched mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms that can be deployed by its client base of hundreds of local TV station websites.

Each app has content tabs such as top stories, local news, weather or sports that can be customized by our broadcast clients. The content will be pulled from each local station’s website, but optimized for mobile viewing. There is one ad placement per page on the app. BIM will sell a portion of the inventory with a revenue share back to the client. The station sells the remaining inventory and keeps all of that revenue.

As adoption and deployment by more and more stations grows, BIM will sell the inventory as a mobile network enabling brands to target mobile users in geographically diverse marketers with a single buy.

“Since we already manage the web content for most of our station clients, we can tap into the existing workflow of all text, images and video to build customized mobile apps fast and at a low cost,” says Timur Yarnall, BIM co-founder and CEO. We recognize that users are getting their content more from their mobile devices than their desktop computers. This will help local TV stations keep and expand audiences for their unique local coverage.”

BIM is a leading digital ad network and data services provider of revenue and technical solutions to online publishers and remains a trusted resource for hundreds of local broadcasters and media sites.