Binge-Watching Grows


People watching TVBinge-watching is more than a trend. Now 57% of viewers say they regularly “binge” watch television programming.

That can be three or more episodes of the same show in one sitting — streamed, time-shifted on a DVR, video-on-demand or scheduled television marathons, according to a GfK MRI Research survey.

The results point to 14% of viewers who binge all or most of the time, 18% who binge “frequently” more than half of the time and 25% who “sometimes” binge about half of the time, reports MediaPost.

Binge-viewing is good for television networks hoping to entice viewers to sample new shows. Just over 40% of regular bingers say they binge-watch TV shows they’ve never seen before, compared to 35% who binge on favorite programming.

At 53%, millennials binge-watch the most and 81% of them get their programming from streaming services, according to MediaPost.