A Free Tool For Optimal Encoding


Online video technology company Bitmovin is now offering a free online resource for any video content owner or network operator to receive guidance on the optimal OTT (over the top) encoding configuration for their content.

The Per-Title Ladder Benchmark Tool offers offers automated ladder creation intelligence for VOD services, optimized by content type to achieve video quality benefits while lowering total cost of ownership.

Coupled with 3-pass encoding, this approach maximizes video quality for content, helping operators boost their brands and compete against the top SVOD offerings.

The Per-Title Ladder Benchmark Tool provides key bandwidth and video quality data needed to optimize any existing encoding technology. New users can use the tool up to 20 times, uploading assets representing their typical content to receive an assessment of their chosen bitrate ladder, as well as a content-specific bitrate ladder obtained through the Bitmovin Per-Title Encoding algorithm. The tool also provides storage cost saving estimates.

Bitmovin CEO Stefan Lederer said, “We’re launching the Ladder Benchmark Tool to help developers and product managers handle the perennial challenge of optimizing encoding technology for the actual content they need to deliver. The tool uses the core capabilities of our Per-Title 3-pass encoding technology to take the guesswork out of maximizing encoding efficiency. We’re inviting anyone to submit clips of their typical content, get a tailored recommendation, and see the difference for themselves.”

Bitmovin has an encoding portfolio that includes Per-Title Encoding, Multi-Codec Streaming, Per-Scene Adaptation and AI Encoding. Bitmovin customers collectively deliver several billion videos to consumers every day.