BIZ TV's Pete D'Acosta talks shop; selects 28:30 to rep DR


Pete D’Acosta, President & CEO (pictured) of BIZ TV network (, had run traffic and revenue systems provider Marketron for 10 years and also worked for the Wicks Group, previously running a TV Group for them before they purchased Marketron. Now he’s back in television with BIZ TV and spoke to RBR-TVBR about the new venture, along with the signing of 28:30 as its DR programming rep. BIZ TV is currently available as a multicast broadcast service, internet streaming platform and will soon be available to cable TV subscribers.

D’Acosta, now running the network for six months, says its currently on six affiliates, but there are quite a few in line to launch soon and by the end of Spring–including Dallas, Houston, LA, DC, Phoenix Boston, Las Vegas, Tampa, Gainesville and Cedar Rapids.

Current Affiliates
Salt Lake City  KTMW  20.2                 
Denver KLPD-LD  28.5
Wichita, KS  KGPT  49.4                  
Atlanta  WANN  32.1
Dallas/Ft. Worth KAZD 55.3 (coming 3/11)
Houston KYAZ 55.3 (coming 3/11)

“I’ve got to tell you, I’m really excited about this one,” said D’Acosta. “I think broadcasters have been a little reluctant to get into the niche TV business like cable and satellite have always done, and we believe that it’s an evolving, emerging, real opportunity in the broadcast TV business.”

The network’s programming is geared to America’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, franchisees and those who want to improve their lives. “A lot of the programming we offer now and are in discussions with right now with producers is having very successful entrepreneurs help provide information and education to people about how to take an idea and turn it into a success, or how to work from home and become successful (the numbers are 15 million+ today in the US); and how to manage their business and their money.”

He adds, “Another underlying goal of BIZ is to promote workforce diversity.  BIZ is committed to promoting minorities in the workplace and we’re proud that the majority of our staff, including executive level positions, are made up of women, Hispanics and Native Americans.”

Two of the network’s live programs are radio show simulcasts as well: The Ray Lucia Show and The Big Biz Show with Sully & Russ ‘T’ Nailz, two San Diego radio talkers also heard weekdays on Business Talk Radio Network. D’Acosta tells RBR-TVBR they are offering up local TV affiliates the opportunity for a preemptible morning drive programming slot to simulcast a local radio show: “All they would need is several digital cameras in the studio and stream that feed to a local broadcast affiliate. It would cost next to nothing and would help to re-energize local radio.”

BIZ TV’s exclusive contract for DR Spot and paid programming time sales with 28:30 begins immediately for representation of the network feed. 28:30 will also be releasing inventory immediately. 

Says D’Acosta: “We have selected 28:30 to manage our DR Spot and paid programming inventory due to their extensive knowledge and experience servicing the direct response community. With our unique and high quality “edutainment” programming and our commitment to inform, educate and entertain our viewers, adding in sales team 28:30 will further help us to build our business.”

Added Brooke Thomas, President of 28:30: “28:30 is proud to emphasize the service commitment that BIZ Television has made to direct response advertisers.  We look forward to working shoulder-to-shoulder with BIZ Television and helping them to achieve their long-range goals.”

28:30 exclusively focuses on DR advertising.  In addition to representing BIZ TV, 28:30 reps numerous television stations and regional cable sports networks.  28:30 is a partnership of industry vets Brooke Thomas, Terry Crosby, Jack Crumpler, with sales offices in LA, Dallas, and Atlanta.

RBR-TVBR observation: There are quite a few niche multicast networks vying for carriage on local affiliates. Remember, they end up on local digital cable as well, so the audience can be significant. Given the economy and money concerns of many today, the programming seems to be well-targeted to both local audiences and DR programmers/advertisers. The radio simulcast option should help score BIZ TV additional affiliates as well.

RBR-TVBR note: Publisher Jim Carnegie had a long conversaton with Pete and recommendaton for any TV and Radio broadcaster is talk with Pete as there is local opportunities waiting for you.  Pete’s number is: 817-274-1609 (he pick’s up his own phone) [email protected]