"Bizography" to premiere on CNBC


The first show in a new series, “CNBC Bizography #1: George Foreman,” will premiere on Wednesday, August 11th at 9pm. The show will repeat that evening at 10pm, 12am and 1am; and will also air on Sunday, August 15th at 9pm.
Turner, Foreman, The Donald, Hefner – the names say it all. See the stories of remarkable people and the businesses they made. The show gets to the real story behind some of the most famous icons, the greatest companies and the titans of industry who helped build them. Discover the key to their fortune and the passion that drove their success. They made a career out of turning the “unthinkable” into a reality, changing the world, how you do business – and have lived to tell about it.

The story begins with Foreman. From a life of poverty to a world class boxer to a millionaire businessman. From the mean streets of Houston to the pinnacle of corporate America, the life of George Foreman would seem unbelievable even by Hollywood standards. As heavyweight champion of the world, Foreman was the darkness to Muhammad Ali’s effervescence. But after regaining his title at the unlikely age of 45, and lending his name to the best-selling grill in history, Foreman reinvented himself as a lovable teddy bear whose business acumen for sponsorship deals was unequaled.