Blackout avoided: NCTC, Viacom sign carriage deal


NCTCWhile the 3/31 deadline passed for the 890 members of the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), Viacom and NCTC signed a new carriage deal for Viacom’s 16 networks.

The two companies avoided a blackout, as negotiations continued. The deal includes VOD and TV everywhere rights.

However, Cable One has not struck a new deal yet with Viacom and removed the channels 3/31 after the two companies could not reach a new programming agreement. The MSO, which has 730,000 subscribers in 19 states, says Viacom is asking for a rate increase of more than 100% over the previous fee. Viacom denies that, saying it’s only asking for what other TV providers have paid.

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