Bloomberg wants more time to look at Comcast/NBCU


Part of the financial reporting operation of Bloomberg LP is Bloomberg TV. It and Fox Business Network are already chasing CNBC in terms of ratings among cable business news channels, and it may be wondering just how much more difficult that task may become when CNBC joins forces with mega-cable provider Comcast. Bloomberg wants more time from the FCC for study and comment.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg hasn’t taken a position for or against the merger. But it is aware of the importance of channel placement on a cable system, and it already suffers from generally poorer placement than CNBC. It has no desire to see that situation get even worse on Comcast’s extensive cable empire.

The deadline for the combination of comments, replies and replies to replies currently extends to early August, having been extended once already to accommodate enhanced responses to the FCC from the merging parties.

RBR-TVBR observation: We have no idea if Maxine Waters (D-CA) wants another FCC comment deadline extension, but we do know she wants more hearings on the topic. And she may very well come to the conclusion that more time is needed. It is probably a comfort to her and her staff that Bloomberg is saving her the trouble of making the first such request.