BLU Makes NextRadio App Native FM Tuner


NextRadioCardsBLU Products, which stands for Bold Like Us, has sent out software updates on two smartphones so users can make the NextRadio app the native FM tuner.

The company sells pre-paid smartphones at retailers like Walmart. The app will allow users to listen to FM on their device.

BLU began with the Vivo 5 and Vivo XL and plans to end software updates for the Studio series phones — Dash, Energy, Diamond and Neo, in the next few months.

“The addition of BLU to our supported device list [now numbering 69] continues our ongoing commitment to the radio industry to get all smartphones in the marketplace to offer consumers the benefit of having access to NextRadio and the FM tuner in their phones,” says NextRadio President Paul Brenner.

BLU actually went a step further, by making NextRadio the native FM tuner in their devices.



  1. Now, if you could convince Verizon to activate the FM chip dormant in my Verizon Samsung Galaxy, I would be a happier man! Why are the 2 gorillas in the room refusing to budge on the FM chip? Between Apple and Verizon, not a happy camper on lack of progress in having a back-up FM radio.

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