Blueberry gets Bar Harbor FM from Binnie


$100K WBQI-FM Bar Harbor ME form WBIN Media Company Inc. (William H. Binnie) to Blueberry Broadcasting LLC (Louis Vitali). WBIN was buying the station from Nassau Broadcasting III LLC Debtor-in-Possession, and reassigning that right to Blueberry. $10K deposit, balance in cash at closing. LMA as soon as WBIN closes in acquisition. Will co-locate with buyer’s WLKE-FM Bar Harbor. [FCC file date 9/5/12]

$500 WYCM-FM Charlton MA from Christian Mix Radio Inc. (Jordan Heersink) to Epic Light Network Inc. (James R. Dunn et al). $250 deposit, balance in cash at closing. Seller can earn $275K if station is resold within a year; $250K if resold within two years; and $200K if resold with three years. Noncommercial facility. [FCC file date 9/6/12]