BMI making commemorative donations to BFA


The Board of Directors of Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) has decided to establish a new tradition of commemorating and honoring the service of deceased BMI Board members by making a contribution in their name to the Broadcasters Foundation of America (BFA) in the amount of $10,000.

The new tradition was launched with $10,000 contributions in the names of BMI Board Director Frank Melton, who passed away in May of 2009, and retired BMI Board Director Don Thurston, who passed away last October, for a total initial contribution of $20,000.  The Board resolution encompasses future gifts upon the death of any current, retired or honorary Director who has served within 10 years of his or her passing.
“BMI Directors are distinguished members of the broadcast community whose participation on the BMI Board exemplifies the highest standards of service to the broadcast community,” said BMI Board Chairman Jack Sander. “Don and Frank made significant contributions to both the creative and finance aspects of BMI’s business, and played an important role in guiding BMI to its current position of leadership in the world of music copyright. These gifts in their names permit us to extend their legacy of service by enabling the Broadcasters Foundation to assist broadcast professionals in their hour of need.”
“BMI has been a long-standing advocate of the Broadcasters Foundation, providing support with sponsorships, meeting space, donations and more,” observed Chairman of the Broadcasters Foundation Philip J. Lombardo. “This newest program, inaugurated in honor of two extraordinary individuals, is exemplary of their ongoing commitment to helping broadcasters in need.”
“BMI is pleased to have a long history of support for the important work of the Broadcasters Foundation, tracing back to our role in providing New York City headquarters offices for the Broadcast Pioneers Foundation for more than a decade. Broadcast leaders established BMI 70 years ago, and these contributions will continue to honor that heritage by assisting the Broadcasters Foundation to support those who helped build the industry and now, in turn, need our support,” said BMI President & CEO Del Bryant.
“This initiative recognizes the valuable contribution of those who serve on the BMI Board of Directors while providing assistance to broadcasters in need. We are grateful to BMI and its Board of Directors for their appreciation and generosity in support of our mission,” said Broadcasters Foundation President Jim Thompson.