BMI: Monica Fernandez wins 11th peermusic Latin Scholarship


BMI FoundationPorfirio Piña, Director of the BMI Foundation’s peermusic Latin Scholarship announced that Monica Fernandez is the winner of the 11th annual peermusic Latin Scholarship, a competition for original Latin songs and instrumental compositions. Fernandez, a native of Monterrey, Mexico and a student at the Berklee College of Music, received the $5,000 scholarship for her song, “Sepia.” The scholarship was presented at a private award ceremony at the BMI New York City office on 7/9.

The scholarship competition was established in 2003 through the generosity of Ralph Peer II and the peermusic companies. It is awarded annually and is open to students between the ages of 16 and 24 attending colleges and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico. Piña, who also serves on the BMI Foundation Board of Directors, oversaw the selection and judging process. Piña said, “It’s an honor to serve as the peermusic Latin Scholarship Director; for the past ten years we have seen the winners go on to work on TV, Film, record labels A&R and performing as solo artists or part of a band.” Piña went on, “We are proud that the scholarship can help those students that are in need to continue their music education.”

Monica Fernandez said, “I am filled with gratitude for the financial assistance to fund my college education; this award gives me the confidence to continue studying music and doing what I love by bringing value to my musical ideas.” Fernandez continued, “I am so thankful to have the support and encouragement from the BMI Foundation which gives a space for Latin music and aspiring composers like me.” Fernandez’s song, “Sepia,” is a love story that speaks to the uncertainty of love; she says that the song is meant to reflect a dream.

“peermusic is proud to support writers like Monica at the earliest stages of their careers,” said Mary Megan Peer, President of Asia Pacific and Strategic Markets at peermusic. “In today’s music market, it is important that songwriters have a deep understanding of arrangement, performance, production and composition. Monica’s exposure to all of these areas at Berklee will be an asset to her as she develops her craft. Many of our successful Latin writers, including Prince Royce, Alcover and Xtassy (“A&X”) and Chayanne, have developed their careers as BMI songwriters.”


(L-R): Mary Megan Peer, President Asia Pacific & Strategic Markets for peermusic, and Deirdre Chadwick, President of the BMI Foundation, proudly pose with this year’s BMI Foundation peermusic Latin Scholarship winner, Monica Fernández.


Executive members from the BMI Foundation and peermusic gather to celebrate the 2014 BMI Foundation peermuisc Latin Scholarship winner, Monica Fernandez at a private award ceremony on July 9, 2014. (L-R): From peermusic: Julio Bague, East Coast Creative Director (Miami); Mary Megan Peer, President, Asia Pacific & Strategic Markets; Yvonne Drazan, West Coast Creative Director (Los Angeles); Brett Bakalar, Administrative Manager for the BMI Foundation; Deirdre Chadwick, President of the BMI Foundation; Rich Garza, Vice President of the BMI Foundation; 2014 peermusic Latin Scholarship winner Monica Fernández; Director of the peermusic Latin Scholarship and Senior Vice President of the Board of Directors of the BMI Foundation Porfirio Piña; Carolina Arenas, BMI’s Director of Writer-Publisher Relations, Latin Music; Antonella DiSaverio, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the BMI Foundation.