BofA Arrives At Spot Radio In a Big Way


Are the national ad dollars finally returning to broadcast radio?

The latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report certainly suggests this, with big new efforts from Bank of America and UnitedHealthcare displacing many of the iHeart-related “freebie” spot plays detected by the iHeart-owned ad monitoring service.

As shown below, BofA has soared to the top with some 66,414 radio spots for the week ending November 8.

That’s considerably more than the iHeartRadio promo spots and Josh Clark podcast announcements registered by Media Monitors.

At No. 5 is UnitedHealthCare, roaring in with nearly 44,000 spots.

The efforts from BofA and UnitedHealthCare result in The Home Depot and GEICO each slipping in rank, yet continuing to be major users of spot radio.