Boise Daystar affiliate sold


Gary Cocola’s Boise Telecasters LP has applied to sell KKJB-DT in Boise ID – and the deal is one that will likely please regulators. The reason: It will increase the level of diversity of FCC license holders by adding a female owner with a 100% stake.

The buyer is IAM Broadcasting LLC, and the sole principal is Diane Dostinich.

The station brings Daystar Network to the Boise DMA, an affiliation that by contract is intended to convey to the new owner. Further, the contract states that Cocola has elected must carry status on both DISH Network and DirecTV, and is allowing must carry to proceed by default on local Cable One systems.

The price for the Channel 39 facility will be $1.2M cash.

This represents a fairly substantial decrease in value over the past nine years. Cocola acquired the station pursuant to a 1/1/04 contract from KM Television of Boise. The price back then: $3M.