‘BONES’ winter finale wags the tail and wins for Fox


When you have a dead body found buring that has horns and a tail but then is found on the altar of a church, well it brings our the Satan in just about everyone. Last night, Thursday 02/04/10, FOX’s BONES and FRINGE winter finales delivered a strong (and very close) second-place finish for FOX on full night of competition. With a 3.0/8 for the night, FOX is up versus its Thursday average with regular programming last season by +14% among Adults 18-49 and +49% in Total Viewers.

At 8pm, BONES posted a 3.3/10 among Adults 18-49 and dominated its 8p hour among Adults 18-49, Total Viewers, Adults 18-34/25-54 and virtually all key demos. 

BONES drew 12.3 million Total Viewers matching last week’s three-year high.

BONES was tied for the highest rated procedural of the night, beating CSI
(3.2/8) and matching The Mentalist (3.3/9) among Adults 18-49. 

Last night’s BONES outperformed its prior season average by +18% among Adults 18-49, by +22% among Adults 18-34  and by +27% in Total Viewers

Against all original programming at 9p, FRINGE delivered a 2.6/7 among Adults 18-49.  
Compared to its prior season average, FRINGE saw significant gains of +18% among Adults 18-49, +24% among Adults 18-34 and +23% in Total Viewers. 

So far this season FOX’s regular Thursday programming outperforms last year’s regular Thursday programming for the same weeks, increasing +14% among Adults 18-49 (2.5/7 vs. 2.2/6) and +49% in Total Viewers (7.9 vs. 5.3 Mil.)

Week three of new ABC drama The Deep End (1.3/4) delivered its lowest rating to date, down -28% from its prior average (1.8/5), while Grey’s Anatomy (4.5/12) delivered its lowest original rating ever, down -18% from its prior season performance with first-run episodes (5.5/14). Private Practice (3.4/9) was about average at 10p.

On CBS, the special Surviving Survivor 10th Anniversary clip show delivered a 2.4/7 at 8p. CSI (3.2/8) was low at 9p, down -14% from its prior average this season (3.7/9), while The Mentalist (3.3/9) was on par with its recent performances at 10p.

NBC’s Community (2.2/7), Parks & Recreation (2.3/6), The Office (3.8/10), and 30 Rock (2.9/8) were all about average, while The Jay Leno Show (1.2/3) matched its lowest Thursday rating of the year, down -25% from its prior average on the night (1.6/5).
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(source: data and information provided by FOX)