Bonneville uses HD to bring WorldBand to DC


Washington DC is a multilingual community, and Bonneville International is going to take advantage of an HD side channel on its Newser WTOP-FM to reach it. It is teaming up with WorldBand Media to bring customized programming to the market. “We are very much looking forward to partnering with WorldBand to provide their format to the South Asian community here in the Washington, D.C. area on HD-2,” said Bonneville’s Joel Oxley. “The international community is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and we are committed to working with WorldBand to serve those listeners.” Added WorldBand’s Prabha Selvadurai, “Through Bonneville’s foresight we are now able to offer our South Asian programming in a total of five major markets across the United States, catering to well over 1.5 million individuals. With these agreements secured, we can continue with our launch of similar opportunities, in these and other markets, for our other ethnic language formats.”