!BOOM launches new imaging package


überblend radio branding launched a new CHR imaging package called !BOOM, designed to integrate a station’s branding messages seamlessly with its music.

Michael Stuber, founder of überblend explains the genesis of !BOOM: “for years, I’ve been thinking there’s something missing with CHR imaging. It’s been too noisy, too cluttered and too focused on blaring station slogans and promotions at the listeners. I wanted to create an imaging sound that doesn’t draw attention to
itself, but instead becomes part of the entertainment value of the station” !BOOM is noticeably different: the pieces have a high-energy-hip-hop-meets-electronic sound, mirroring the current evolution of pop music in all its genre-bending glory. The sound is more musical and less “radio.”

By integrating the jingles directly with the day-to-day production, and delivering station messages on a 808-and-auto-tuned fueled canvas, !BOOM matches the aesthetic of today’s hit songs.