Boomers sold on continuing use of the aspirin of their youth.


St. Joseph Aspirin has been around forever – and many people of a certain age remember the distinctive orange flavor that helped get medicine down that when produced by other brands tasted like an entire hospital pharmacy to kids. The brand is using Eddie Haskell to remind those same boomers that the exact same medicine may still be of major use to them.

Well, it’s not really Eddie Haskell – it’s actor who portrayed the “Leave it to Beaver” character: Ken Osmond. He will reminisce about his days working on the program in a campaign making use of television along with internet and social media outlets.

The product was always a low-dose item, given its target demographic. Nowadays, many doctors prescribe low doses of aspirin as a hedge against stroke and heart attack. So the same members of the boomer generation that used the product when they were children can still use it now.

The campaign will note how the product has been updated – most of it aimed at adults will be in produced in a more adult form. But the company is still making its orange-flavored product available in chewable form to adults who for whatever reason do not like to chase pills down their throat with water.

“We needed to find an incredibly compelling way to make our iconic St. Joseph Aspirin brand relevant to baby boomers again,” said Bernie Kropfelder, EVP Sales & Marketing, ILEX Consumer Products Group. “With Eddie Haskell as the face of the campaign, we can quickly appeal to fond childhood memories of our target audience.”