Boost Mobile launches “You Earned It”


Boost Mobile - Where You AtVia 180 LA, Boost Mobile debuted the first of three national TV spots in the “You Earned It” campaign. The effort aims to reverse preconceived notions that all mobile companies are out to rob consumers. The spot is airing on more than 14 networks including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, FX, SPIKE and TBS. The other two spots will roll out later in the year. Also, the campaign will include out-of-home and digital as well as local marketing stunts that “surprise customers with finding extra cash in their wallet” in select markets.

“Boost Mobile has long prioritized consumers’ wireless rights, and ‘You Earned It’ is an invitation for consumers around the country to join us and stand up for themselves,” said Peiti Feng, director of brand strategy and marketing communications, Boost Mobile. “Don’t allow other wireless carriers to rob you. Instead, allow Boost Mobile to put money back in your pocket with shrinking payments. We are committed to rewarding customers without requiring a contract.”

The first spot, “Pickpocket,” is set in an underground subway where a mugging is about to take place on a crowded train. Instead of getting robbed, however, the surprised individual reaches into his pocket to find more money in his wallet instead of less. With Boost Mobile, once a customer makes six on-time payments, monthly payments shrink by $5 up to $15 per month in total.

The TV spots feature the Samsung Galaxy S III paired with Boost Mobile’s no annual contract $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan with Shrinking Payments.


  1. “The effort aims to reverse preconceived notions that all mobile companies are out to rob consumers.”

    It’s not JUST the mobile companies; ALL huge companies are out to rob consumers. Look at your cable bill. How much did it just cost you to fill your gas tank? How about the banks? Et cetera, et cetera ad infinitum….

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