Bott noncom outfit picks up KC-area CP


A do-it-yourself FM project on the western side of Missouri is changing hands. Calvary Chapel of Kansas City is selling the station, and Community Broadcasting Inc., the non-commercial side of the Bott family’s radio empire will be doing the buying.

The station is KYLF-FM CP, destined to be a Class C2 on 88.9 MHz with 1 kW-H, 13.522 kW-V @ 466’. The station is to be built south of Kansas City proper, and its main contour is not projected to reach the city limits.
The price for the station will be $40K cash.

Bott Broadcasting Company has a pair of commercial stations in the Kansas City area, KCCV-AM Overland Park KS and KCCV-FM Olathe KS.

The seller is headed by James Stewart. On the buyer’s side, Richard P. Bott, Sherley Bott and Charles M. Watkins are all listed as principals, and Richard P. Bott II was on hand to sign the application and contract.