Bounceback: Standardize prime time


The fact that central markets were nailed on a indecency hit while their brethren on the coasts were protected by safe harbor leads one TVBR reader thinks it’s time to standardize prime time.

I think perhaps the time has come for the broadcast networks to start prime time at 8PM across all four time zones. This move would be welcomed by everyone affected by issues like this, plus what a bonus to the bottom line of all those CT/MT zone stations with an extra hour of syndicated programming to sell from 7 to 8. With today’s broadcast technology this should be a rather simple solution (technically, anyway) for the networks without burdening the affiliates in the affected time zones having to delay the networks locally. They already do it for some of the morning shows (NBC’s Today Show for example), so why not prime time as well?
M. Kaufman
Duluth MN