Boxee signs first network content deal with CBS


As one of the companies trying to bridge the gap between traditional television and the Internet, Boxee obviously needs content to make its software platform appealing to consumers. In a major move, it announced at the CES in Las Vegas that it has struck a deal to sell episodes of CBS shows.

Boxee is available as either a software download for a computer or as a separate device to be connected to the Internet. It allows people to find video programming on the Internet and download it for viewing. There is free content to be had, for sure, but by offering paid downloads, much like the Apple iTunes store, Boxee is able to connect potential customers to more current and desirable video content.

Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League are among current content partners, but CBS is the first broadcast network to do a deal with Boxee.

“We have signed an agreement with CBS that will give Boxee users the ability to purchase full episodes from CBS starting later this year. We are excited about the opportunity to work with a major network on offering premium content to Boxee users, as well as create new revenue opportunities for both sides. As part of the deal, users will have the ability to purchase hit CBS television shows both current (The New Hawaii Five-O) and old (hello MacGyver!),” Boxee announced on its company blog.

RBR-TVBR observation: As CBS Corporation CEO Les Moonves has noted repeatedly, it is important for his company to be properly paid for its content when it does a deal with a broadband partner. Obviously he found the terms that Boxee offered to be to his liking. If Google TV wants to succeed, we would suggest that it could learn a thing or two from Boxee.