Brand preferences and politics


Democrat and RepublicanA new survey shows a divergence in brand tastes between Democrats and Republicans, as well as areas of agreement – and suggests the information can help political candidates develop their own advertising strategies.

The study comes from Buyology

“Both candidates and brands have never fought harder for our affection and our votes,” said Buyology CEO Gary Singer. “It’s never been more important to understand why people make the choices that they do. Brands can learn a lot by having a deeper understanding of the deep-seated connections that drive our decision-making.”

Now for some results:

Most Desired Car
Democrats: Jeep
Republicans: BMW

Most Desired Electronics
Democrats: Sony
Republicans: Sharp

Most Desired Insurance
Democrats: Progressive
Republicans: Allstate

Most Desired TV Channel
Democrats: Animal Planet
Republicans: History Channel

Most Desired Restaurant
Democrats: Wendy’s
Republicans: Subway

Most Desired Sports
Democrats: NFL
Republicans: MLB

Most Desired Coffee Shop
Democrats: Starbucks
Republicans: Dunkin’ Donuts

Most Desired Gaming System
Democrats: Wii
Republicans: XBOX

Areas of agreement:

Most Desired Beverage: Coca-Cola
Most Desired Financial Service: Visa
Most Desired Internet Brand: Google
Most Desired Technology: Apple
Most Desired Beauty Brand: Olay

Source: Buyology Inc.