Bravo confirms White House gatecrasher as a Real Housewife


Michaele Salahi, who grabbed national headlines after she and her husband got into a state dinner hosted by President Barack Obama at the White House without an invitation, is indeed going to be featured in the new “The Real Housewives of DC.” The reality series premieres August 5th on Bravo.

NBC Universal’s Bravo network says the latest installment of the “Real Housewives” franchise presents a slice of life amongst affluent, educated women, some raising kids, some driving careers, all interacting with friends and family as determined by the unwritten social rules of the Beltway. These five connected DC power players, as described by Bravo’s hype, all have their pulse on the most important cultural events, political galas, gallery openings, and fundraisers in Washington society.

In addition to Salahi, described as a model and founder of DC’s Polo Cup, they are: Mary Schmidt Amons, the true Washingtonian and granddaughter of radio and TV personality Arthur Godfrey; the mother hen and owner of DC’s top modeling agency, Lynda Erkiletian; feisty Brit Catherine Ommanney, married to a White House photographer; and Harvard grad, active political fund raiser, and philanthropist Stacie Scott Turner.

The Real Housewives of DC went into production shortly after the historic 2008 election and inauguration, reflecting DC almost as its own character in the series. “We wanted to dive into the Beltway subculture as it underwent an historic shift, one that previously has not been readily accessible or portrayed, and look at the political hierarchy and definitive social circles that make up DC’s unique society,” said Andy Cohen, Senior Vice President, Original Programming and Development, Bravo. “We knew this was going to expose a different social narrative from any of our other Housewives series — provocative and engaging in a whole new way.”

The Real Housewives of DC is produced by Half Yard Productions for Bravo. Abby Greensfelder and Sean Gallagher serve as Executive Producers.