Breakfast Flakes: Missing Out On Radio’s ROI and Reach



Welcome to Month Six of The Great Global Pandemic, sponsored by Zoom. We hope you’re enjoying your gradually improving revenue disaster, as the cume collapse for America’s radio stations is nearly recovered across the nation’s biggest markets, according to Nielsen Audio.

On the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 26, we began our day with a hearty, protein-filled breakfast. It’s perhaps a “silver lining” of these COVID-19 times. Before March 7, when a trip to California for nuptuals and viticultural delights was rudely interrupted by a viral interloper, rushing out of the house with a granola bar or a bottle of juice could be accepted.

Today? Who’s rushing out of the house? And, if not, why aren’t you making a nice healthy breakfast?

Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of advertising from the brand stewards providing all of those yummy items on the kitchen table. And, boy, do we smell an opportunity for Radio.


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