Brexit Could Impact U.S. Gear Companies Selling Overseas


Union-JackHow could Brexit affect U.S. tech companies doing business overseas? We asked experts.

DaySequerra President David Day tells RBR+TVBR Weekly Tech Roundup in an interview broadcast equipment sellers in Europe are not usually “whiplashed by these kinds of things, though there may be political fallout.”

However it’s too soon to tell what kinds of commercial implications there are. “I don’t see an economic impact or something that impacts their ability to update or buy studio equipment,” he says.

The UK is one of the more advanced media markets in Europe, many large media companies and networks have operations there, according to Rich Redmond, chief products officer for GatesAir. The company has long been a provider of broadcast equipment for several of the broadcasters in the UK, most notably transmitters for DAB digital radio, and audio contribution and distribution networks using its Intraplex TDM and IP audio platforms. GatesAir also has a service parts and repair center located in the UK that serves the entire Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

“The impact to our business is not yet clear, but we will certainly be looking hard at any new requirements for compliance or import restrictions as they can impact the ability to get product in to the country for use by local UK broadcasters,” Redmond tells us. “Additional regulations or separate compliance testing specifically for the UK will end up making things more expensive and time consuming.”

“On the service side, the UK was selected specifically due to the simplicity of shipping parts and repairs around the EU to support our customer base. If the shipment of these types of goods become more restrictive, this will likely drive up costs and impact our ability to service customers. At an extreme we may have to evaluate other locations with more favorable flow of goods.”