Broadband is focus of FCC December meeting


The FCC’s National Broadband Plan is due 2/17/10 – given the ambitious scope of the project, which is practically like saying the deadline is tomorrow. So it comes as no surprise that the next FCC Open Meeting will focus on it once again.

The meeting is scheduled for 12/16/09. It will focus on the policy framework of the broadband plan. It is possible that the agenda may change or have items added between now and then.

The FCC kicked off the month of November with a series of workshops aimed at establishing a framework for the quadrennial review of ownership rules and regulations. And Michael Copps has been reminding one and all that proceedings on increasing licensee diversity and on fostering localism among members of the broadcast community are percolating along. But none of it is surfacing on an open meeting agenda.

RBR-TVBR observation: Once again, we can’t say we’re disappointed that broadcasters will not be the focus of attention – usually when we’re on the agenda, it’s because somebody wants to slap a few new regulations on us. No agenda item, no new regulation.