Broadband penetration up 300%


Broadband penetration increased more than 300% since 2002, according to a new analysis from Scarborough Research. In 2002, 12% of U.S. adults had a broadband connection in their household. Now, almost half (49%) have broadband – an increase of more than 300%, bringing broadband penetration to a mainstream level. In terms of types of broadband connections, DSL connections grew more than cable modems, but both have expanded significantly. Since 2002, cable modem penetration increased 188%, while DSL connections increased 575%. The data in this analysis is from Scarborough’s USA+ database, which is a nationally syndicated consumer study covering a sample of more than 220,000 adults ages 18+.

San Francisco is the top local U.S. market for broadband penetration according to Scarborough. 62% of adults in San Francisco live in a household that has a broadband Internet connection. Other top broadband markets include Boston and San Diego. In these cities, 61% of adults have a broadband connection in their household.