Broadcast Affiliate Sales signs exclusive TKO Radio Network


Broadcast Affiliate Sales has signed an exclusive sales rep agreement with TKO Radio Network. TKO specializes in Classic Top 40 programming featuring music from the 1960’s, 1970’s & early 1980s. The network was founded in 2002, became a 24-hour network in 2006, and assumed its current hosts and ownership in 2008. Programming on the network includes Jim Zippo (mornings) Eric Chase (afternoons), John Landecker (as host of the weekly Into The Seventies), Marty Thompson (as host of Hall Of Fame Coast To Coast) and Rick Dees, with his Eighties era version of the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40.

BAS Partner Mike Tyler said, “TKO Radio Network offers radio stations some amazing talent 24/7 and has some big announcements coming soon that will really help their network.”