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BFoA / Broadcasters Foundation of AmericaThe Broadcasters Foundation of America has assisted over a thousand broadcasters in trouble, and is seeking the funding necessary to continue coming to the aid of those stricken by various misfortunes. Please take a moment to read its request for contributions to its Guardian Fund.

December, 2014
Dear [broadcaster]:
We again beg your forbearance and generosity this one time during the holiday season.

Thanks to you and other caring individuals, the Guardian Fund of the Broadcasters Foundation has now assisted over 1,200 of our own colleagues who have fallen on hard times due to sudden illness, debilitating strokes, old age and general misfortune … often with absolutely no assistance of any kind when life turns sad and difficult and even desperate in some of the many cases we’ve seen.

Your Broadcasters Foundation of America is now the preeminent and absolutely essential national charity of the profession you have distinguished for so long. Each year we distribute, on your behalf, emergency grants to the hurting and almost forgotten. And we need your urgent assistance to continue our Mission.
Contributions to the Guardian Fund in years gone by range from $50 up to $50,000 (and over) from several very generous benefactors. And while we realize not everyone is capable of such magnificent generosity, we hope you will consider a substantial and significant gift this year.

Many individuals have identified their Guardian contributions as Memorial Tributes … thoughtful gestures in the names of current family members, past associates and life-long friends. Tony Malara, Ward Quaal, Hal Gore, Ron Ruth, Rick Buckley and Stu Olds are some who have been honored.
Even though you may have supported one of our events or tournaments (for which we continue to be grateful) we hope you will consider a special Gift for the Guardian Fund on which our charitable efforts depend.

It’s really all about taking care of our own. We are broadcasters. And all our privileges and prerogatives proceed from our involvement and dedication to that profession. On that alone do we base our appeal to assist the hurting and almost forgotten in our industry. We’re grateful beyond words to those who haven’t forgotten “where they came from.”

Your Broadcasters Foundation of America is the only instrument, the only charitable vehicle for reaching out to those broadcasters not as fortunate, those who have fallen victim to life’s vicissitudes, through no fault of their own.

Our essential work continues for them and their devastated families as a “safety net” and “foul-weather friend” when unforeseen disaster or medical emergencies strike without warning.

And as you look over our list of directors, you will recognize many you know from the world of Radio and Television who are doing some of the best volunteer work of their lives as Board members of your Foundation. You can be sure they are careful and dedicated stewards of your generous gifts and contributions.
Foundation president Jim Thompson and vice president Peter Doyle in our New York office (212-373-8250) will be glad to give you a confidential Overview of their ongoing, daily humanitarian work in the face of great pain and suffering among our broadcasting brethren.

Please be assured that the names of our contributors are writ large in our hearts (and also in our Annual Reports distributed to several thousand broadcasters, community and corporate leaders and media and investment professionals all across the country). But your generosity really resonates with those you assist when ill health or personal travail strikes.

You’ve been so generous to so many over the years. And we hope you will this year consider a substantial and meaningful gift to the Guardian Fund.
Individual and Corporate contributions are fully deductible and may be made to the Guardian Fund of the Broadcasters Foundation of America, your profession’s officially certified and registered 501(c)3 national Public Charity.

Please send whatever you can … to our national office in New York City c/o our President Jim Thompson.

Guardian Fund
125 W. 55th Street
New York, NY 10019
Philip Lombardo
[email protected]
Richard Foreman
[email protected]
cc: The Board
Jim Thompson, President
Peter Doyle, Vice President
William O’Shaughnessy, Chairman, Guardian Fund


  1. Dave: Many thanks for always being so good to the Foundation. some of the pleadings we receive are heartbreaking. We’re grateful to RBR… To you and to our great friend Eric… And to Carl in the past. Bill O’shaughnessy

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