Broadcast does well for Washington Post


Pile of MoneyThe company is named for one of the top newspapers in the US, but while that newspaper continues to struggle, the company’s broadcast division posted excellent Q1 numbers.

According to the Post’s own report on itself, the broadcast division was the best-performing. It increased revenue in Q1 by 13% and operating income by 58% to $31M. An injection of $2.2M in the political category fueled the boost.

Cable One, WaPo’s cable company serving the middle of America and Pacific Northwest, experienced flat revenue and a lost in operating income attributed to increased costs.

The newspaper division lost $22.6M in operating income, experiencing decreases in circulation, print advertising and online revenue. Weekday circulation was 492.6K, a drop of 9.8%, and Sunday circulation was 714.6K, down 5.2%.

The educational wing of the company, Kaplan, also suffered reverses which were attributed to stiffer competition, much of it from online competitors.