Broadcast outlets wind up in the collection plate


LPTVA pair of stations located out west, one a bit north of San Francisco and the other just north of Reno NV, are being transferred for the most modest of prices – zippity. Both are LPTV stations.

The San Francisco-area station is KTVJ-LP Petaluma CA. It’s coming from John Fiori of Fiori Media Inc.

The Nevada station is KEVO-LD Sun Valley NV. It is coming from Joseph Fiori as licensee.

The assignee in both cases is non-commercial One Ministries Inc. Ken Leitch is the president of the religious outfit.

In both cases, the transfers are listed as gifts.

RBR-TVBR observation: We suspect there will be some kind of appraisal or other agreemet for tax deduction purposes. And it remains to be seen how these low power outlets are able to weather the coming incentive auction storm.