Broadcast Sales Training A Top Draw For Kansas State Students


P1 Learning, vCreative and the Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) link record number of students with broadcast sales at Kansas State University in Spring 2019.

P1 Learning’s P1 Futures Program, sponsored by underwriters, aims to put broadcast on college students’ radar screen across the nation. The program offers broadcast sales and marketing tactics used by industry professionals, networking opportunities with media members, and a Sales Certificate of Completion to show students’ future employers they are ready for hire.

This Spring, Kansas State University’s Media Audiences course shatters the record for the number of students enrolled in the P1 Futures Program in a single class.

“From the panel and the videos, I realized I may have a great personality for this industry,” said P1 Futures Program graduate. “I’m very interested in gaining experience in this field now.”

P1 Learning continues to offer sponsorship opportunities to state broadcasters associations like the KAB and broadcast-based companies like vCreative. These underwriters pick up the cost at $60 per student. In return, they receive recognition in written and online promotional materials, as well as live events.

“vCreative believes that it is important to invest in the future of radio through contributing to the education of the next generation,” said Jinny Laderer, co-founder and CEO of vCreative. “Partnering with the P1 Futures Program allows us to reach classrooms and students around the country. We are honored that our scholarships will help educate, attract and inspire young people to fall in love with our great medium.”