Broadcast Super Bowl ads drive web traffic


A new survey released by Integrated Media Measurement Inc. found that almost a third of a group of Super Bowl viewers visited the website of one of the advertisers between the end of the game and midnight that same evening.

Of a group of consumers studied by IMMI, 31.4% went to an advertiser website within the specified time. The leading beneficiaries of this traffic were GoDaddy (20%), (8.6%) and Dockers (5.7%).

Google was a Super Bowl advertiser, and 71.4% of IMMI’s panel used it during the same period, although IMMI did not count that toward the 31.4% finding.

“The high percentage of Super Bowl viewers who went to an advertisers’ Web site shows how one medium can drive consumers to another and reinforces the potential of multi-platform advertising,” said IMMI’s Brian Monighetti. “The television ads created interest that was immediately gratified by advertisers’ Web sites.”

RBR-TVBR observation: The web is a great place to be. It’s not necessarily a great place to advertise your web presence, however. A mass audience is what drives traffic, and few of the gazillion internet sites can match that of a typical television or radio station. So by all means, have an effective presence on the internet – but use traditional media to encourage consumers to go there.