Broadcast trumps new media on ad trustworthiness


NielsenAccording to Nielsen, you just can’t beat word of mouth when it comes to believable information about goods and services. But you can certainly beat most forms of online and mobile advertising, as TV, radio and newspaper do with room to spare.

There’s more good news for broadcasters: Since 2007, both have gained in consumer perception of trustworthiness, with TV ads rising from 56% to 62% and radio from 54% to 57%.

Six digital ad platforms all had the confidence of less than 50% of consumers. The categories are search engine ads, online video ads, ads on social networks, display ads on mobile, online banners and mobile text messages, which brought up the rear with the trust of a paltry 37% of respondents.

“Brand marketers should be especially encouraged to find owned advertising among the most trusted marketing formats,” said Randall Beard, global head, Advertiser Solutions at Nielsen. “This form of advertising is trusted by nearly 70 percent of consumers globally, which emphasizes the notion that marketers maintain the ability to control the messages about their brands in a way that consumers consider credible. This perceived credibility is a key component in advertising effectiveness.”

Here are Nielsen’s results:

Category 2013% 2007%
People I know 84 78
Branded websites 69 60
Consumer online opinions 68 61
Editorial content 67 na
Ads on TV 62 56
Branded sponsorship 61 49
Ads in newspapers 61 63
Ads in magazines 60 56
Billboards/outdoor 57 na
Ads on radio 57 54
Email signed up for 56 49
Ads before movies 56 38
TV program ad placement 55 na
Search engine results 48 34
Online video ads 48 na
Ads on social networks 48 na
Display adson mobile 45 na
Online banner ads 42 26
Mobile text ads 37 18
Source: Nielsen