Broadcaster Donald Thurston has died


Former NAB Joint Board Chairman Donald Thurston, the long-time owner of Berkshire Broadcasting Corporation, has died. He was born in 1930. Thurston was NAB Joint Board Chairman from 1977 to 1979.

Many broadcasters will also remember that Thurston was second in the vote in 1982 to succeed Vince Wasilewski as President of NAB. The winner, of course, by four votes, was Eddie Fritts, who served in the post for 24 years.

Thurston later served for many years on the board of directors of BMI and was its chairman in the 1990s.

Berkshire Broadcasting, based in North Adams, MA, sold WNAW-AM & WNMB-FM North Adams and WSBS-AM Great Barrington, MA in 2004.

A lengthy obituary has been published by the Berkshire Eagle, which attributed the 79-year-old’s death to Parkinson’s Disease.