Broadcaster in the spotlight


Zamir_AhmedOne of the troops making the case for broadcasting every day in Washington DC will be representing the industry on a very different venue. Perhaps appropriately, it involves television.

The broadcaster is NAB Senior Manager of Media Relations Zamir Ahmed.

He will be appearing on Jeopardy with another well-known broadcaster by the name of Alex Trebek.

In the accompanying photo, see if you can guess which is which!

Ahmed can be seen on the show that airs on the final day of the year, 12/31/14.

NAB EVP Dennis Wharton is urging all broadcasters to do what they can from wherever they view their syndicated broadcast television to urge the “Z Man” on to victory.


  1. I believe he will know most of the answers but not be able to tell Alex what they are without getting prior approval. It’s the PR code.

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