Broadcaster LEARN program kicking off


FCCAre you a television operator with questions about the upcoming incentive auctions? The FCC has a structure set up that will attempt to provide some answers – with a workshop already scheduled for late October.

There’s a reason the word “learn” is in all caps – it’s an acronym. It stands for Learn Everything About Reverse-Auctions Now. “The LEARN Program is designed to offer broadcasters valuable information about the unique financial opportunities of incentive auctions and engage the broadcaster community throughout the entire incentive auction planning, design and execution processes,” explained the Commission.

A workshop is on the schedule for Friday 10/26/12 – details will be forthcoming.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said, “Incentive auctions are a win for broadcasters – both those that will take advantage of a once in a lifetime financial opportunity, and those that will choose to continue to be a part of an even healthier and diverse broadcast marketplace. We are focused on ensuring that the incentive auction process is open, transparent, and data-driven, and are committed to educate all stakeholders, including through the Broadcaster LEARN Program, which is designed to inform and empower broadcaster decision-makers as they participate in our comment process and consider this business decision.”

The FCC has also set up a website for specifically address this issue – it’s at It includes:

* Dates and time for onsite and online FCC and third-party education sessions
* Links to live, interactive webinars
* Incentive Auction FAQs
* Archived FCC presentations & webcasts
* A summary of proposed auction designs
* Rule-makings and related FCC proceedings
* Links to helpful third-party material
* A dedicated email box for questions ([email protected])