Broadcaster weighs in on performance tax


Dear RBR

I agree with the RBR observation, that even if the performance tax is enacted to collect from broadcasters, most of the money collected will stick to the hands of the corporate thieves in the record industry who have always failed the artists and performers and always will, as long as they are enabled.  Ever notice how few performers and artists vocalize their thoughts on this issue. Very few, who have been fooled to speak out on behalf of the corporations instead of the other way around? I think that most broadcasters would respond favorably to performers and artists on this issue, if we knew they would actually be "paid for their work," but there are too many hands "glued to their microphones." The ones who talk the most usually have the most to gain, which is unfortunate, because the artists and performers are the only ones we need to care about and would like to hear more from.

How amazing it is that so many of our congress men and women stand up and argue their case without a shred of understanding about an issue or an industry, instead of opening up a dialog with affected parties (like radio stations and disgruntled artists and performers who have actually had to sue record companies to get paid), and we are actually their constituents.They just can’t resist blindly proclaiming what seems popular and logical, and are easily pushed and moved by lobbyist organizations who stand to financially benefit at the expense of artists, performers, and radio stations who actually are the ones who create and sustain the music business itself.  When will our representatives actually represent all of us?"

Dennis L. Anderson

Anderson Radio Broadcasting, Montana