Broadcasters announce Mobile500 Alliance


A coalition of major television groups has announced the formation of the Mobile500 Alliance to accelerate the availability of mobile digital television, or Mobile DTV, service to consumers nationwide.  The Mobile500 Alliance currently consists of 30 broadcast television companies, but that number is expected to grow.

The 30 groups collectively own 346 full-power television stations broadcasting in 167 markets.  The markets represent approximately 90% of the United States population, including markets of all sizes ranging from New York City, the country’s largest television market, to some of the country’s smallest television markets, such as St. Joseph, MO and North Platte, NE.

The Mobile500 Alliance says it brings together leading broadcasters in a collective, focused effort to accelerate the nationwide availability of Mobile DTV service. Mobile DTV enables consumers to watch live television on their laptops, smart phones and other mobile devices, as well as out-of-home platforms such as billboards and vehicles, all using a broadcast signal and without using the bandwidth of wireless providers. Over-the-air television delivered to mobile and out-of-home devices in local markets will meet the growing demand of on-the-go consumers, and it will expand upon the one-to-many efficiencies provided by local broadcasters.
“The Mobile500 Alliance aims to develop a Mobile DTV business model permitting consumers to view popular broadcast content, as well as non-broadcast content with enhanced features,” said Fisher Communications CEO Colleen Brown, who is Chair of the Mobile500 Alliance.  “To that end, we will work to secure content arrangements with program suppliers and enhanced consumer device features with electronics manufacturers,” she said. 

As an open, inclusive organization, the Mobile500 Alliance invites the participation and involvement of virtually all commercial broadcasters.  The organization plans to build on the Mobile DTV standards activities of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, or OMVC, by expanding on the OMVC’s successful Mobile DTV efforts and by developing a sustainable nationwide business model. Earlier this year, the OMVC launched the Washington, DC Consumer Showcase for Mobile DTV, which has begun to characterize consumer behavior, attitudes and expectations about mobile DTV.

Brandon Burgess, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ION Media Networks, Inc., and President of the OMVC, said, “It is important the entire television industry support Mobile DTV.  The Mobile500 Alliance and its members are an important part of this developing service, and their efforts further demonstrate the commitment of broadcast TV to fully expanding its use of the digital spectrum and finding new ways to serve the public.”

In addition to Fisher’s Brown, the initial Organizing Executive Committee is led by executives from Capitol Broadcasting Company, LIN Media, Schurz Communications, Sinclair Broadcast Group and Titan Broadcast Group.

In recent days, nearly two dozen other broadcasters agreed to join the Mobile500 Alliance, including Communications Corporation of America; Cordillera Communications, Inc.; Freedom Communications; Granite Broadcasting Corporation; Gray Television; Hoak Media Corporation; Hubbard Broadcasting; Local TV LLC; Max Media LLC; McGraw-Hill Broadcasting Company; New Vision Television; Nexstar Broadcasting Group; Pappas Telecasting Companies; and Tribune Broadcasting Company.  A complete list of broadcast members can be found at

The Mobile500 Alliance continues to meet with other local broadcasters around the country and expects that its membership will grow accordingly.