Broadcasters duck FCC agenda


The 11/18 November Open Meeting actually is going to put state and local zoning authorities on the griddle, rather than broadcasters, as it looks at timely site grants for wireless facilities.

The meeting will also feature an update on the progress of the National Broadband Plan, the deadline for which – 2/17/10 – is approaching at a rapid clip.

The FCC gave three half days to broadcasters at the beginning of November, providing a forum for academics, watchdogs and stakeholders to frame the quadrennial review of media ownership rules, but thus far in the FCC administration of Chairman Julius Genachowski, the Open Meetings have largely given the broadcasting community a break.

RBR-TVBR observation: Given the broadcast issues that are being kept on simmer on FCC back burners, we’d call the absence of broadcasting from the Open Meeting agenda benign neglect, and nothing whatsoever to complain about.