Broadcasters Foundation to honor Mayor Bloomberg


He may be a billionaire and Mayor of New York City, but don’t forget, Mike Bloomberg is also a broadcaster. He’ll be the recipient of the 2010 Golden Mike Award from the Broadcasters Foundation of America at a black tie event March 8th at the Plaza Hotel.

Bloomberg LP, which he founded and still owns most of, has owned WBBR-AM NYC since 1992 – not to mention the TV and radio networks. After succeeding as en entrepreneur by growing Bloomberg into a major worldwide information company across multiple platforms, Mike Bloomberg ventured into politics in 2001 and was elected Mayor of America’s largest city. He is now in an unprecedented third term.

“Mayor Bloomberg had a reputation for philanthropy and civic involvement before he was elected to public service.  Along with his business acumen and the impact he has had on broadcasting with Bloomberg News, make him an ideal recipient of the Golden Mike Award.  We are grateful to the Mayor for accepting this award and for taking time from his schedule to join us on March 8th,” said Broadcasters Foundation Chair Phil Lombardo, CEO of Citadel Communications.
“I am honored to receive the 2010 Golden Mike Award from the Broadcasters Foundation of America, which is one of thousands of organizations around the country working towards a new era focused on service and giving back to our communities,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “When tragedy strikes, the Broadcasters Foundation has been there to help their colleagues get back on their feet, and they should be commended for the work they have done to help hundreds of people across the nation,” he added.
The Broadcasters Foundation has provided millions of dollars in aid to colleagues who lost their livelihood through a catastrophic event, debilitating disease, or unforeseen family tragedy. 
Recent recipients of the Golden Mike Award include Anne Sweeney (2008), Jeff Smulyan (2006), Percy E. Sutton (2005), Bob Wright (2003), and Catherine Hughes (2002).
RBR-TVBR observation: You may have recently received an appeal in the mail for a donation to the Broadcasters Foundation’s Guardian Fund, which has dispensed more than $3 million over the years to broadcasters in financial straights. Guardian Fund Chairman Bill O’Shaughnessy of Whitney Media tells us that “Between now and the end of the year is the most critical fundraising period for the Foundation.” To find out how you can help go to the Broadcasters Foundation website.