Broadcasters rollout new multicast programming


The HD Digital Radio Alliance announced that member companies are continuing the outpour of creativity and ingenuity with the second generation of HD2 programming by providing airtime to local and unsigned acts, bringing beloved stations back on the air, and offering unparalleled relevance for various demos.

Stations on HD2 are playing global and unsigned acts, with some allowing bands to become actively involved with the ability to upload their music online for possible airplay. Also, local tastes can be experienced in various markets with these new, fresh formats. The list is below, but note that most of them have been out for a while.

• “iChannel” (Bonneville / Chicago, IL; Washington, DC; St. Louis, MO; Salt Lake City, UT)
• “Radio You Boston” (Greater Media / Boston, MA)
• “Local 107 – Local Artists” (Emmis / Austin, TX)
• “Indie & Ultra-New Rock” (CBS Radio / Boston, MA)
• “Local Music” (Entercom / Seattle, WA)
• “Indie Rock” (Clear Channel / Portland, OR; Oklahoma City, OK, Seattle, WA)
• “Rock Independent Radio – 94.7 Too” (Entercom / Portland, OR)
• “erockster” (Clear Channel / Los Angeles, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC)
• “RIFF2” (Greater Media / Detroit, MI)

Stations that you thought were long gone are now being revived on HD2. The extra stations allow for old formats that were once on the radio to return once again, with some featuring live performances from your favorite bands of the past. There are also formats that have recently been flipped on analog FM that are finding new life on HD2:

•  “Live Rock – WMMR Archives” (Greater Media / Philadelphia, PA)
• “WNEW” (CBS Radio / New York, NY)
• “Smooth Jazz” – (Clear Channel / Pittsburgh, PA)
• “80s Based Adult Hits” (CBS Radio / Las Vegas, NV; McAllen-Brownsville-Harlingen, TX, New York, NY)
• “Radio Free Hawaii” (Clear Channel / Hawaii)
• “Haney’s Big House 96.1 HD2” (Beasley / Ft. Myers-Naples-Marco Island, FL)
• “Classical Music” (Greater Media / Philadelphia, PA)
Formats that speak to various demographics include:
•  “Gretchen 99.9” (Beasley / Miami, FL)
• “Country/Southern Rock” (Citadel / Atlanta, GA)
• “Old Skool Hip Hop” (Clear Channel / Boston, MA)
• “Punk Young Alternative” (Emmis / Chicago, IL)
• “Oldies” (Buckley / Hartford-New Britain-Middletown, CT)
• “80’s Channel” (WBEB / Philadelphia, PA)
•  “Chick Rock” (CBS Radio / Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX)
• “International Hits” (Bonneville / Cincinnati, OH)
• “Solid Gold 106” (Beasley / Ft. Myers-Naples-Marco Island, FL)