Broadcasters weigh in on FCC incentives


Gordon SmithIt is very important to the FCC that it has a significant amount of participation from the broadcast television community as it prepares to launch the incentive auction. Two key representatives of the broadcast community commented.

NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith (pictured) said, “It is clear the FCC staff put a great deal of work into developing this piece on reverse auction pricing, which is a key component of the auction. NAB commends the FCC for their efforts to get the ball rolling in this area. We will work with our members to sort through this comprehensive report as they do their own homework on the upcoming auction opportunity.”

Preston Padden, Executive Director of Expanding Opportunities For Broadcasters Coalition, said, “The Greenhill ‘Book’ released today by the FCC is a highly credible, first class piece of work that fully delivers on Chairman Wheeler’s promise to provide Incentive Auction pricing guidance to broadcasters. If the FCC does end up compensating broadcasters in line with the guidance in the ‘Book,’ we expect next year’s auction to be a great opportunity for many television broadcasters.”