Broadcasters wonder why they weren't notified


On the above story, some broadcasters were concerned they weren’t notified by the Arbitron Radio Advisory Council that agencies were working with the ratings company on posting PPM metrics. Steve Sinicropi, VP/GM Cox Radio Greenville, SC commented that the RAC "works on a lot of things with Arbitron, but we have had no discussions about posting or posting metrics for PPM. So we would be surprised that they’ve been engaged in those discussions without at least discussing it with the council."

Commented one broadcaster off the record: "If Arbitron is working on posting metrics with shops they should let radio clients know in advance instead of having us blindsided by this new policy that they have been working on."

RBR/TVBR observation: Houston is the only accredited market right now with PPM. However, the market has fallen below its PPM targets. From what we’ve heard, Arbitron is currently only willing to guarantee ratings only the broadest demo: 6+. Broadcasters are saying it’s odd that Arbitron is having discussions with agencies on ways they can post and hold stations accountable to their more narrow targets when the company is only willing to be accountable for the very broadest measure. The saga continues.