Brokers Form Strategic Tower Advisors


Broadcast TowerJust in time to capitalize on the upcoming incentive auction, industry veterans have formed a company to advise tower site buyers and sellers.

Longtime station broker Jody McCoy and tower broker Tom Engel have formed Strategic Tower Advisors.

They say they have expertise in broadcast, wireless, cable television and wireless infrastructure as C-level executives and transaction advisors.

In his 23 years as a broker, McCoy says he’s been involved in hundreds of deals totaling “hundreds of millions” of dollars. Engel, through his work with Milestone media and its affiliates, has participated in more than 100 tower site transactions totaling 1,000+ sites.

As transaction advisors, STA will provide guidance related to acquiring or selling communications sites, including marketing the assets, structuring the transaction for maximum value, management of the due diligence process, and negotiations and advice related to the transaction documents. Their soon-to-be new website is:

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