Brooklyn Broadcasting Bum: NUO To Latest NYC Pirate


The flurry of Notice of Unlicensed Operation issuances from the FCC continued Thursday, as the Enforcement Bureau served notice to an individual in Brooklyn that his pirate radio station is subject to a potential forfeiture.

On June 29, agents from the New York Field Office investigated reports of an unlicensed station in Brooklyn at 103.1 MHz. Using direction-finding techniques, they determined that the signal was coming from a residence owned by Ernest J. Nardi.

They know it is Nardi because he identified himself to the agents and acknowledged that he had no authorization to operate the radio station.

The field strength of Nardi’s unlicensed station was measured at 48,163 microvolts per meter (µV/m) at 282 meters. The maximum permitted level is 250 µV/m at 3 meters for non-licensed devices.