Brown may be haunted by radio past


Although he’s not officially running for another stint as governor of California, Jerry Brown finds his name being mentioned as an early front-runner and is said to be exploring the possibility. But the state capital’s newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, thinks that there is a skeleton in his closet with a chattering skull that could come back to haunt him – a radio show he had five days weekly on liberal noncom KPFA-FM Berkeley CA in the San Francisco market during the mid-1990s.

Apparently much of his programming there was very politically provocative. And some state political strategists think recordings of the program could be a potent weapon in the hands of Republican operatives. On the other hand, others say he was elected AG after radio gig was over and it didn’t seem to be a problem.

The Bee noted that after they asked about recordings of the show on a Brown website, the recordings were pulled – although nobody would say why. But they say that once something is on the web, it never truly goes away and the Bee was able to find them elsewhere.