Brunton Vineyards takes title sponsor spot on "All American Rookie"


Brunton Vineyards, a San Francisco/Napa-based wine company, announced its management has negotiated a sponsorship position with the reality TV show, "All American Rookie", scheduled to be aired on Fox Sports.

"All American Rookie" is a reality show created by Geno Brunton and developed by BCC Sports and Joe Nemechek along with his NEMCO racing team and former Fox producers Dwayne Bright and Gregory Vanger. The show awards  drivers who have paid their dues-driving weekly in the ARCA, Hooters and other racing circuits-the opportunity of being mentored by Joe Nemechek and other current NASCAR drivers and champions, eventually having the chance to race against the best in the sport. The winner of the "All American Rookie" will be awarded the opportunity to be a part of the NEMCO race team, race in the Busch Series and earn a career as a race car driver in NASCAR.

Brunton Vineyards’ division, "SWIG" will act as an actual sponsor on the show. As title sponsor, Swig will be afforded all of the benefits of the show’s primary sponsor and have a race car during the show with its logo as the competition ensues, including spots and other branding and promotional opportunities. "VinoVenue" will also be awarded a sponsor position on the show, paid for by Brunton. Expected exposure of the show is to be on Fox Sports with a contract already in place for airing the series, negotiations are underway to determine the exact timing of air dates.